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Policy and Procedure manuals

Policy and procedure manuals are required by child care licensing as part of your facility license application process.  The BC child care licensing regulations stipulate that all child care facilities must have written policies and procedures for key operational areas...

...yet, this is a missed opportunity.  Your policy and procedure manual can be an opportunity to train employees in best practices, so that all employees can be confident in understanding what the licensing regulation requirements is, the best practice related to those regulations, and the specific procedures to follow at your centre.  

This is a new way of looking at policy and procedure manuals - not as a manual or handbook, but as a training course for all new employees.


CCPBC has an entire, editable policy and procedure manual available for purchase for $ 250.00.   The manual includes all policies required by the BC child care licensing regulations.  This manual is designed to be used as a training course for new employees.




Probation-completion exams

While BC does not have an ECE regulatory college, so practice exams are not required to ensure ongoing certification, many employers are now using a probation-completion exam as a part of successfully completing probation at a facility.

Electronic employee probation-completion exams, based on our policy and procedure manual, are also available for purchase for $ 25.00. This includes three variations of multiple-choice exams (25 questions, multiple choice), to be used as part of determining successful probation-completion for new employees.



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