Operating Budget Templates

We want to begin to use the idea of cost-per-space rather than “fees”, so that there is a province-wide understanding of how much it actually costs to provide child care.


What is Cost-per-space?

Cost per space is how much it actually costs to deliver a program at a child centre for one child care space - so, all of the expenses added up, and then divided by number of children.


Why Cost-per-space instead of fees?

When child care is being funded from multiple sources (fees plus governmental funding), it is important that the multiple funding sources provide enough money to cover the cost-per-space.  

If the child care centre does not bring in enough money to cover the cost-per-space every month, the child care centre needs to cut costs. Cutting costs means cutting quality.

Wages are the first place costs are cut when a child care centre does not bring in enough money to cover the cost-per-space.  Cost per space looks VERY different when a budget is done up paying these “fair market” wages.


Why is this important?

Child care programs have historically tried to keep fees as low as possible for parents - paying teachers and administrative staff the most possible while still keeping fees low.  

But now, child care in BC has changed.

CCFRI places the government in charge of determining the amount of money - the revenue that fees, CCFRI and CCOF combined - that a child care program can bring in.  

This, in turn, determines how much money is left for wages for teachers and for administrative staff....placing the BC NDP ultimately in charge of what child care operators can pay ECE Teachers.


Research shows safety and quality of child care programs are a result of a stable, well educated, experienced teaching team.  BC parents deserve to know their children are safe, happy and learning. BC children deserve to be safe, happy and in quality learning environments.


Budget Files

Please download any of these budget files to help you understand your cost-per-space, and how that change as wages or other expenses change. There are four file options - two for group programs (one with and one without CCFRI), and two for in-home care programs (one with and one without CCFRI).  

2018 Budget, group program, opted out of CCFRI

2018 Budget, group program, opted in to CCFRI

2018 Budget, in-home care, opted in to CCFRI

2018 Budget in-home care, opted out of CCFRI