International Child Care Models - Finland


Child Care fees in ECEC are regulated by law and are based on the size and income of the family. Fees for family daycare are determined on the same bases as the fees for daycare centres. 

The parent-pay portion covers about 14 % of day care costs.  The remainder is paid by the government.  

The maximum fee charged to parents is 283 EUR per child per month. The fee is lower for the second child (maximum 255 EUR/month) and for each additional child (56.60 EUR). ECEC is free of charge for low-income families, with 26 EUR as the lowest fee collected.

Subsidy is also available, paid to parents who choose to stay at home with their child. 



The content and quality of ECEC is guided by the National Curriculum Guidelines on ECEC.  Read the Guidelines here. 


Staff qualifications

Group Day care: One in three must have a higher education degree. Kindergarten teachers have a Bachelor or Master degree in Education or Bachelor or Master degree in Social Science. Other staff in ECEC centres is expected to have at least a vocational upper-secondary qualification in the field of social welfare and health care (120 credits)

Family day care (child minders): The family child minder is required to have a suitable education (Qualification for Family Child Minders of 2000 - 40 credits). This competence-based vocational qualification is recommended. Exception: in group family day care with 3 child minders, one minder must have a suitable vocational qualification.


Adult-child ratios

Group Child Care (ECEC Centres): The ratio for children over 3-years-old is eight children per one adult.  One to four (1:4) for children under 3 years (full/part time).

Family day care (child minders): The adult-child ratio in family day care is one to four (1:4), including the child minder’s own under school-aged child. Additionally, the child minder can provide part-time care for one pre-primary education or school-aged child.


Resources, Research and Summaries

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